Single phase meter

Name Single phase meter
Brank Zysmart Electric Meter
Model ZYDDSF-1
Inventory 1000

一、Product Summary

Dear users, thank you for using our single-phase meter. Please read this instruction manual carefully before using it, so that you can easily use our products.

Zhongyi single-phase fee-controlled smart electric energy meter is a new generation of electric energy metering product developed and produced by our company according to the relevant technical specifications of smart electric meters of State Grid Corporation. This product adopts application-specific large-scale integrated circuit and SMT production process, and has the functions of electric energy metering, data processing, real-time monitoring, automatic control, information interaction and so on.

GB/T 17215.301-2007 "Special Requirements for Multi-function Watt-hour Meter"

Q/GDW 1354-2013 Functional Specification for Smart Watt-hour Meter

Q/GDW 1354-2013 Functional Specification for Smart Watt-hour Meter

Q/GDW 1364-2013 Technical Specification for Single-phase Smart Watt-hour Meter

Q/GDW 1365-2013 Technical Specification for Safety Certification of Information Exchange of Smart Watt-hour Meter


二、Working Principle

When the electric energy meter works, the voltage and current are sampled by the sampling circuit respectively, then sent to the electric energy metering application specific integrated circuit for processing, and converted into digital signals and sent to the microprocessor for calculation. The microprocessor in the figure is used for time-sharing charging and processing various input and output data. Time-sharing active electric energy metering is completed by collecting electric energy pulses of the electric energy metering application specific integrated circuit. Various data are displayed as required, communicated and transmitted through carrier wave, infrared or 485 interface, and various data are recorded and stored.


三、Function List

Serial Number



Communication module

Communication mode

Supported Band

M66 (GPRS Communications)


BC26 (NB Communications)


BC35G (NB Communications)

B1 @ H-FDD: 2100 MHz

B3 @ H-FDD: 1800 MHz

B8 @ H-FDD: 900 MHz

B5 @ H-FDD: 850 MHz

B20 @ H-FDD: 800 MHz

B28 @ H-FDD: 700 MHz

BG96 (NB/GPRS/CATM Communications)

Cat M1/Cat NB1:

LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/


LTE TDD: B39 (For Cat M1 Only)

EGPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz BG96-M

Cat M1:

LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B18/



BC66 (NB Communications)


Lorawan Newsletter


RS485 communication

With RS485 interface

WiFi communication


Display Module

The watt-hour meter uses LCD to display information; The visual size of LCD screen is 85mm (length) × 50mm (width); The specific size of each character shall conform to the provisions of Appendix J.

-The performance of normal temperature LCD should not be lower than that of FSTN type material, and its working temperature range is 25 ~ + 80 ;

-The performance of low-temperature LCD should not be lower than that of HTN type material, and its working temperature range is 40 ~ + 70 ;

-LCD shall have backlight function, and the backlight color shall be white;

-LCD shall have high contrast;

-LCD shall have a wide viewing angle, i.e. the line of sight is perpendicular to the front of the LCD screen, and the upper and lower viewing angles shall be ≥ ± 60;

-The polarizer of LCD shall have anti-ultraviolet function;

-See FIG. 1 for the contents displayed by LCD; See Table 4 for the description of each figure and symbol in the figure; Different types of watt-hour meters can select corresponding display contents as required.

Indicator light

Watt-hour meters use high-brightness, long-life LED as indicator lights. The layout position of each indicator lamp shall refer to the appearance diagram of the watt-hour meter in the appendix, and the requirements are as follows:

-Active energy pulse indicator: red; It goes out at ordinary times and flashes when measuring active electric energy.

-Reactive energy pulse indicator: red; It goes out at ordinary times and flashes when measuring reactive energy.

-Trip indicator: yellow; It turns off at ordinary times and turns on when the load switch is turned off.

Electricity acquisition module

TTL serial communication collects the electric quantity of the base plate, using CJ188 protocol

Trigger Escalation

Use magnet to trigger 1-6s to report accumulated flow and equipment status



四、Performance characteristics

1. Metering: It has the function of time-sharing metering, and the active electric energy is accumulated according to the corresponding time period, and the total, peak, peak, flat and valley electric energy is stored

2. Prepayment: The watt-hour meter can sell electricity through the remote 485 or LORAWAN/NB module. When the electricity quantity is lower than the alarm value, the user is reminded to purchase electricity in a display mode; It has the function of overdraft limit.

3. Measurement and monitoring: It can measure, record and display the voltage, current, power factor and other operating parameters of the current watt-hour meter. The measurement error shall not exceed ± 1%.

4. Timing function: Built-in hardware clock circuit with temperature compensation function is adopted, which has automatic conversion functions of calendar, timing and leap year


五、Technical Parameters

Voltage Input

Rated voltage


Reference frequency


Voltage Line Power Dissipation

1. 5W and 10VA (static)

Current Input

Input Current

5 (20) A, 5 (60) A, 10 (40) A, 15 (60) A

Starting current

0.004 Ib

Current Line Power Dissipation

< 1VA

Measurement accuracy


Level 1/Level 2

Daily timing error

0.5 sec/day


Pulse constant

1200 (imp/kWh)

Additional Parameters

Normal operating temperature

-25 ~ + 60

Storage and working humidity


Battery capacity

1200 mAh

Rate Period

Number of rates


Number of periods


Communication Support



六、Product structure and size


technical parameter
Reference voltage 220v
Reference current 5A,10A,20A,40A,60A
Reference frequency 50Hz
Normal operating temperature -25℃~+60℃
Communication support Lorawan/NBIOT/GPRS/RS485