Lorawan Outdoor gateway

Name Lorawan Outdoor gateway
Band zysmart gateway
Model ZY2S208
Inventory 1000


ZY2S208 LoRaWAN GW is a new generation LoRaWAN gateway designed by Zysmart, which has some new features, Half-duplex or Full-duplex alternated, 8 channel or 16 channel alternated, internal battery backup available, and so on.

2. zy2S208LoRaWAN gateway


ZY2S208 is an new generation telecommunication level IOT gateway based on LoRaWAN and target to LPWAN network, which could support half-duplex/full-duplex mode, 8 channel/16channel for particular part number. With an high reliability IP67 level water-proof industrial adapter, the gateway could be installed outdoor easily with maintenance-free. It is an IEEE 802.3 af/at compatibility PD, which also could be powered by PoE. Both Ethernet and LTE-4G are supported to connect to the cloud server. With an integrated GPS module, the GW could support LoRaWAN Class B protocol with the synchronous clock from GPS PPS signal. Thanks to the industrial WiFi module, customer could login into the gateway in field, which make it easy when engineer do installation and check status of the device in field.

This device integrate an high performance CPU ARM Cortex-A53 core, one or two pcs of baseband processor SX1301, that it could support 8 multi-SF channels (ZY2S208xx8 series) or 16 multi-SF channels (ZY2S208xxF series), 1 or 2 single-SF channel and GFSK channel. Output power could achieve to 27dBm max. Sensitivity is as low as -141dBm@300bps. With specified payload length and transmit period, one GW could support more than 10k nodes.

2.1Functional Block


ZY2S208LoRaWAN gateway functional block diagram is shown below.



technical parameter
Core ARM Cortex-A53
Main Frequency 1.2GHz
RAM 1Gbytes
Networking mode LoRaWAN/LoRa
Power supply mode External industrial power supply (default); Poe + 48V input, compatible with IEEE 802.3 AF / at; built in lithium iron phosphate battery
Average power consumption 5.5W
Lora output power type:14dBm@868MHz;17dBm@470MHz Max:27dBm
LoRa Sensitivity -141dBm@SF12,BW=125kHz
Temperature Monitor device internal temperature
Dimensions 210x 200x 85 mm
Weight 2100g (ZY2S208Exx)
工作温度范围 -40 to +75°C