Ultrasonic gas meter

Name Ultrasonic gas meter
Brank Zysmart Gas Meter
Model ZYGU-V-2
Inventory 1000

一、Product Summary

Dear users, thank you for using our ultrasonic gas meter. Please read this instruction manual carefully before using it, so that you can easily use our products.

Ultrasonic gas meter is a new type of all-electronic metering gas that uses the time difference of ultrasonic transmission in the medium to measure

Gas meter has endogenous functions such as high reliability, high precision, temperature and pressure compensation, etc.

It can communicate with other equipment through wired or wireless interface to form a remote meter reading management system. The prepayment mode is flexible, which can not only support the prepayment of local IC cards, but also carry out remote prepayment on the system platform, which greatly facilitates the statistics and management of users' gas consumption behavior by managers

Implementation standard: JB/T 12958-2016 Verification Regulation of Domestic Ultrasonic Gas Meter


二、Working Principle

Ultrasonic measurement adopts the time difference measurement technology. Its working principle is to use a pair of ultrasonic transducers to send and receive ultrasonic waves alternately (or simultaneously), and indirectly measure the fluid by observing the time difference between the downstream and countercurrent propagation of ultrasonic waves in the medium

An indirect measurement method that calculates the flow rate through the flow rate.


三、Function List


Serial Number




Metering function

1. Ultrasonic measurement


Gas metering data history memory local

1. For the latest 90 days, the measurement data is stored every hour

2. The latest 180 days, the measurement data is stored every day

3. Monthly storage of measurement data in the latest year


Power supply

The main battery is the normal power supply, and the other battery is the backup battery


Main battery capacity level indication

1. report that current battery capacity level suffix to the server in each metering data message uplink report

2. Low battery threshold: 20% and will trigger the uplink report of low battery capacity alarm message, which will be reported every 24 hours until the standby battery switch threshold.

3. Battery switch threshold: 10% capacity will trigger the backup battery switch.


Backup the battery switch only in the following cases, otherwise use the main battery

1. Pull out the main battery or the main battery does not exist

2. The power of the main battery meets the switching threshold (10%)

3. The backup battery switch is automatic, so it will never be powered off.


Backup Battery Function

1. Maintain local metering of water flow

2. measurement data history storage and maintenance proces

3. Spare battery life should exceed at least 7 days

4. When the power supply is switched to the backup battery, the backup battery switch alarm information will go up to the server to tell the switch that it has occurred.


Backup battery protection during transportation

Prior to field activation, the gas meter is only equipped with a spare battery, which is protected against consumption during storage or transportation at this stage


Wireless/wired technology



Fixed time measurement data report

1. Latest cumulative measurement data

2. Gas meter status: valve status/power supply

3. Battery capacity level

4. Downlink Signal Strength Indication RSSI/SNR


Alarm Message Uplink Report

1. Battery Capacity Low Level Alarm

2. Backup battery switch alarm

3. Valve fault alarm

4. Vibration alarm (the meter has a buzzer, which can realize sound alarm when vibrating and is generally used for earthquake protection)

5. High temperature alarm (alarm is not realized at present, only temperature is monitored, which is generally used for fire protection)


Downlink Configuration/Query

1. Set/Query Periodicity of Periodic Measurement Data Report

2. On/Off/Setting/Query/Time of Fixed Time Measurement Data Report

3. Modify accumulated traffic data for calibration

4. Read the current accumulated traffic data

5. Read the battery capacity level

6. Valve Control Close/Open


Screen digital display

1. The screen displays four screens, and the screen can be cut

2. Display contents: current reading, electric quantity, balance, valve status, signal status, temperature, time and vibration reminder

3. Display mode: The button lights up and automatically closes after 5 seconds without operation, and the screen can be cut


433 air leakage detection linkage valve closing

1. Monitor methane in real time, and give an alarm if the concentration exceeds 5% LEL

2. Receive sensor data through 433 communication, and perform valve closing operation

Communication distance 50m (recommended to be installed near gas meter)


四、Performance characteristics

(1) Improving metering accuracy: separately correcting each flow area to realize full range and high precision correction; Ultra-low starting flow point, fine air flow can also be detected and measured; Wide range measurement; All-electronic metrology

(2) Improve measurement correction: temperature and pressure compensation to increase income;

(3) Stability/safety/anti-theft: excellent anti-theft performance; Small flow leakage protection; Overflow gas protection


 五、Product picture

六、Technical Parameters


Technical parameter name



Measurement Range

M ³/h

0.025 ~ 10

Interface mode

\ "You know,\"

G1 1/4 "

Interface spacing










\ "You know,\"

3 # alkaline batteries

Accuracy grade

\ "You know,\"


Measurement error

\ "You know,\"

Qmin < Q < Qt ± 3%

Qt < Q < Qmax ± 1.5%

Working pressure


10 ~ 20

Operating temperature


-20 ~ +50

Explosion-proof grade

\ "You know,\"

Exib II B T3 Gb

Level of protection

\ "You know,\"


Communication Support


technical parameter
Product specifications G1.6/G2.5/G4
Interface spacing 130mm
Accuracy class 1.5
working pressure 10~20KPa
working temperature -20~+50℃