On-site implementation by Lorawan in Uzbekistan

The team carried out LORAWAN network coverage of water, electricity and gas in Uzbekistan, and realized LORAWAN wireless meter reading for water meters, electricity meters and gas meters. The team carried out on-site implementation and guidance for 15 days in Uzbekistan, and finally finished the work perfectly, which was unanimously recognized by the users. The use of LORAWAN in the local country belongs to the first-level operator


Our engineers set up gateway on site, instruct on site, test data and analyze signal quality

Handheld equipment, field analysis of signal bottom noise



The installation environment is still very harsh, but our equipment is IP68 and has been tested by the environment


Visits the user's home, field survey of the installation environment, analysis of the local housing structure, redeployment of the gateway, making the meter reading success rate reached more than 98%

Day and night implementation, thanks to the friendly support of the local people, make our team go smoothly.


Check the sealed environment installation, field test, solve the signal problem