Selecting according to the conditions

Electromagnetic flow meters detect flow by using Faraday's Law of induction.

This page introduces the process for selecting a flow meter or flow sensor. Various types of flow meters and flow sensors are available, and only by selecting the appropriate device according to the targeted fluid and purpose will the required results be obtainable. When selecting a device, it is necessary to know what is being measured and what the purpose of measurement is.

Steps to select a flow meter

When selecting a flow meter, follow the steps below:

1】Confirm the properties of the detection fluid
2】Confirm the purpose of measurement and determine the detection method
3】Confirm product specifications
4】Consider cost

1】First, it is necessary to confirm the properties of detection fluids.
Fluid types Gas, Liquid, Vapor, etc.
Density Can be calculated from fluid name, temperature and pressure
Viscosity Required for liquids
Electrical conductivity Required for electromagnetic type flow meters
Contaminants Air bubbles, mixed-in foreign objects, slurry, etc.
Flow range Minimum and maximum flow
Fluid temperature Measured in response to the fluid
Fluid pressure For pressure-resistance confirmation
Pressure loss Measured as necessary
2】Next, clarify the purpose of measurement. At this point, determine a selectable detection system along with properties such as accuracy and flow range
3】Once the detection method has been determined, make a decision while confirming detailed model specifications.
4】Finally, compare costs. Because removing a flow meter also takes time, you must make a decision that not only considers the unit price of the product, but also considers maintenance time after installation as well as the cost of set-up or troubleshooting. Generally when the product unit price is low, frequent maintenance or failure replacement may be required.

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