Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic flow meters are inferential meters that use ultrasonic technology to measure the velocity of an acoustically conductive liquid moving through it. There are two types of ultrasonic flow meter technologies, including Doppler and transit time. In addition to inline and open channel models, ultrasonic meters are available as clamp-on solutions when contact with the measured fluid is not possible.

Ultrasonic flow meters are a popular solution to simplify flow measurement across a variety of applications.

Impressive Accuracy. Maintain accuracy across a wide range of applications with a greater extended low flow accuracy compared to mechanical meters.

Flexible Installation. Can be installed permanently or temporarily—clamp-on meters can be installed by a single user within an hour as a temporary measurement solution or to verify the accuracy of other meters

Minimal Maintenance. Feature a streamlined design without moving parts, which results in minimal maintenance and low cost of installation and ownership.


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